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Woly Protector Spray

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The benefits of using Woly Protector 

Below we have listed some great benefits of using Woly Protector:

  • Suitable for all smooth, suede, nubuck leathers and textiles
  • Repels snow, mud, dirt, rain
  • Prolongs the life of your footwear
  • Prevents moulding stitching in shoes
  • Easy to use Spray
  • Long Lasting and highly effective results from the first application

How to use Woly Protector

  • For best results, clean your shoes prior to applying the Woly Protector 
  • Gently shake Woly Protector for a couple of seconds and in a well ventilated room, you are ready to begin
  • Holding the spay roughly 30cm away from the shoe, spray in light bursts to completely cover the shoe - remember the sole!
  • If this is your first time protecting your shoes, wait 5 minutes after first application and repeat process another 2 times so you have sprayed the shoe 3 times in total
  • Dependant on how often you wear the shoes, spray lightly once a week to ensure maximum results

n.b. minimum 300ml can

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