Introducing....Red Wing - British Shoe Company

Introducing....Red Wing

We are proud to add another fantastic Brand to our Britsh Shoe Company collection, An iconic American Shoe company who specialise in comfortable everyday shoes and boots...... Red Wing.

Red Wing is situated in Southwest Minnesota, US and was pronounced as a city in 1857. The city, named after a tribal chief who succeeded a local Dakota tribe who ruled the region, introduced in 1928 the iconic "Red Feather" logo, which refers back to the tribal chief and is now refined into the one you see today created in 2007.

In 1905, Mr Charles Beckman, a Minnesota shoe merchant, realised there was a necessity for strong and reliable footwear suitable for demanding work such as mining, logging and farming. He wanted a product strong enough to be worn every day and comfortable enough to support the work industry in some of the toughest and most challenging of environments. He would call the company "Red Wing Shoes". 

Up to this very day, the use of premium leathers is an absolute necessity for all Red Wing footwear along with their handcrafted manufacturing processes and techniques. These skills have been passed down through generations of shoemakers and every single pair is made with the same amount of love and care as it always has. Red Wing's Tannery, "S.B Foot", founded in 1872, a previous workplace of founder Charles, located in Featherstone Township. Its location was convenient to Red Wings original plant and in 1987 they acquired the factory which remains an integral part of Red Wing history.

One of their most important boots would come 50 years later, and in 1952 the birth of "The Irish Setter" hunting boot elevated the brand to worldwide stature. The "877" 8-inch hunting boot got its name from its beautifully rich colour, tanned using the sap from sequoia bark resembling the coat of an Irish Setter hunting dog. Its renowned white cushion crepe sole, shallow non-collection traction tread was adaptable and crafted for complete comfort with full arch support. A year later a 6-inch version, the "875" evolved and it would be these two boots that would become the foundation of the Red Wing legacy.

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