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Quintessential Tricker's

Tricker's Classics

We continue our look into the oldest name in English shoes........Tricker's.

From the start, Tricker’s shoes have had a superb reputation for manufacturing quality and durability, and quickly became the maker of choice for heavy country boots and shoes. Farmers, estate owners and the landed gentry all swore by the comfort, strength, durability and practicality of Tricker’s waterproof country footwear. 

Joseph Tricker’s son-in-law, Walter James Barltrop, designed and created the world’s first country boot in 1840 which heralded a brand new age for country footwear. The split reverse welt designed by Walter, allowed the boots to be waterproof for the very first time.

As you'd expect with a well established long running company, they produce a large and diverse range of styles, going from the classic Oxford to the more contemporary Brogue.

Here we look at the cornerstone of Tricker's business, the Bourton brogue and Stow boot as well as our best selling Made to order boot the Kudu leather Grassmere.

Bourton Brogue

In 1937, Tricker’s commissioned two lasts to celebrate the coronation of King George VI, one of which is the 4444 is synonymous with the heavy country Bourton Brogue. 

This indomitable shoe is a symphony of practicality, durability and style. This country brogue has a half bellows tongue, a storm welt and a double sole, making an excellent choice for inclement weather. A choice of Leather or Dainite outer sole compliments this adding even more weather protection.

The Styling of the Tricker's Bourton is quintessentially British, available as standard in 5 different colours and we currently offer A coffee suede option and are adding a new Kudu leather option for the Autumn.

Tricker's Stow

The second of the lasts Tricker’s commissioned to celebrate the coronation of King George VI was the 4497, which is the last used to make the most iconic Tricker's boot, the Stow country boot. 

As with the Bourton, the Stow boot comes with a leather or Dainite double sole, half bellows tongue and a storm welt making it the perfect choice for those wet and windy days. Both the Stow and Bourton have a full leather lining and through sole as standard for extra comfort and durability.

Available in a number of leather colours, Acorn, Black, C-Shade, Espresso and Marron, and of course our own MTO colour options, Burgundy Museum Calf and Brown Bookbinder, their is a colour to suit almost everyone. However if you prefer olive green, Suede's or any other colour and/or material, Tricker's amazing Made To Order programme can tailor the Bourton, Stow and any other of their styles to suit your needs or desires.

Kudu Grassmere

In the autumn of 2017, Tricker’s produced the Africa Explorer collection. Inspired by the exploits of David Livingstone and a generation of Victorian African explorers, made from African Antelope Greater Kudu (Tragelaphus Strepsiceros) - or more commonly known as Kudu.

Indigenous to a variety of African countries, they are highly praised for their meat as well as their horns and are culled regularly for export, as well as local consumption, to the benefit of local communities.

Due to their grazing habits mainly amongst thorn trees, the Kudu hide becomes scratched and scarred. These marks give the leather its inimitable character making each pair of shoes and boots completely unique.

Made on the 4497 last from the ever popular Stow country boot, the Tricker's Grassmere comes in an incredibly soft, beautiful caramel brown and on a double Dainite sole. an absolutely stunning boot of which no two are exactly the same.


Today we have highlighted just a few styles from Tricker's, at the British Shoe Company we have large range of Tricker's shoes and Tricker's boots available, so their is a style to suit all tastes and desires. Click below to view the entire range of Tricker's shoes.

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