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Storm Welted

With winter just around the corner and with it the wetter winter months, wearing a high-quality Goodyear welted shoe becomes even more important. 

Today we look at a specific subset of welted shoe construction the Storm Welt, as with a traditional Goodyear welted shoe the storm welt has multiple layers underfoot as well as an indirect sole attachment which makes it excellent in the wet, particularly when teamed with a Dainite or Commando sole.

There are two main differences between the Storm Welt and Traditional Goodyear welt (flat welt), firstly, Storm welted shoe will typically have a 360° Welt as opposed to the ¾ you usually get on a flat welt.


Secondly, the look of the welt, Flat welts as the name suggests are flat whereas the Storm welt comes up the side of the upper which gives superior water resistance than the flat welt and gives an aesthetically chunkier look, which on a shoe like the Tricker's Bourton looks fantastic.

Here are a few examples of Storm Welted shoe that we have available at the British shoe company,

Tricker's Bourton

When you choose Tricker’s, you never have to choose between practicality, durability and style. You’ll find this heavy brogue Derby shoe with half bellows tongue and storm welt gives you all three in abundance. In Marron, Espresso, Acorn, C-shade or Black calf, with leather uppers, leather linings and a Dainite sole.

Also available with a leather sole.

Barker Grassington

Our bestselling Storm Welted brogue, Barker Grassington is A traditional wingtip derby with classic brogue punching and gimped edges. Available in two double drummed grain leather options with a double Dainite Sole.

Berwick Grained Derby

Stunning plain derby shoe by Spanish makers Berwick 1707, produced in gorgeous dark brown country calf grain leather with Goodyear welted Dainite rubber sole. An excellent quality shoe at a magnificent price.

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