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Winter City Shoes

With Autumn now well and truly upon us, the wet, icy and often salted roads can cause an otherwise fantastic leather-soled shoe to become a bit of a liability, either from the risk of slipping on ice or indeed from the road salt absorbing into the sole and having an adverse effect to the wear of the sole.

Thankfully with the rise of men’s formal shoes teamed with rubber soles, that shows no signs of slowing, there is another alternative. In today’s sartorial world, it is now deemed acceptable for your select pair of Oxfords to be adorned with a rubber sole of sorts.

There is a number of styles of rubber soles available on city Shoes the most popular of which is the Dainite style


The company remains in Market Harborough (at the original heart of the UK’s footwear industry between Leicester and Northampton) under the leadership of the original founder’s family. Dainite is the trade name established from the local phrase describing the company as the ‘day and night’ mills.

The company’s very first products were soles & heels – the first invoice dated 9th October 1894 was for ‘Women’s red soles’ and ‘black rubber soles’ and were sold by weight!

Footwear products have always played a prominent part in the life of the company.

Quality has been the key to the company’s success and it has always concentrated on producing products of the highest quality. Apart from a short period during the war effort to use reclaim, it has never succumbed to the cheapening of its products.

This reliability has ensured its success despite the passing of all other UK rubber footwear manufacturers and today it is a key supplier to prestigious companies such as Barker, Tricker's and Berwick.

The Dainite Studded sole is one of its most widely known and used products. Its original design is as valid today as it was then, providing comfort and grip in all conditions, while not attracting or storing dirt. Shoes are easily wiped clean if required as there are no cleats or heavy grooves to hold the dirt. The Dainite Studded sole successfully achieved this aim whilst maintaining a smart timeless styling. The sole is popular today as ever!


Barker Cheltenham

A classic oxford in Black hi-shine leather with a durable Dainite sole. If you're looking for a smart shoe with a hard-wearing sole, Cheltenham is perfect. 

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